FFIV – Looks like NetWEAKER

See our post below from March 26…looks like we will be heading down to the $69 area.


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CSTR – Streaming Higher

This volatile stock keeps hitting our radar.  A new streaming partnership with Verizon, the existing Redbox and coin counting business, along with adding coffee to the product offering could keep this stock percolating.

One of the most heavily shorted stocks in the S&P 1500 could cause this one to scream higher if the yearly guidance comes in better than expected.


Genworth Financial Inc (GNW) – Bull Flag Formation

GNW has some really nice chart formations going for it – cup and handle and bull flag. A bull flag pattern is found within an uptrend of a stock.  This pattern is named for the resemblance of a flag on a pole and is a continuation pattern.  The technical buy point is when price penetrates the upper trend line of the flag area, ideally on volume expansion.

After Hours News  – The financial security company announced it will sell its wealth management business for $412.5 million to a partnership of Aquiline Capital Partners and Genstar Capital. The deal is expected to be completed in the second half of the year. Shares ticked higher in extended-hours tradingGNW just looks like it wants to go higher.  We like it.


Daily chart GNW in Uptrend, nice cup and handle, and rising Moving Average

Daily chart GNW in Uptrend, nice cup and handle, and rising Moving Average

Weekly chart GNW in Uptrend, nice cup and handle, and rising Moving Average

Weekly chart GNW in Uptrend, nice cup and handle, and rising Moving Average

FRAN – Announces secondary offering of 7.39 mln shares of common stock

Sometimes you get hit with news that comes out of the blue that may change a stocks value.  The story has not changed, but valuation may….We still like the FRAN until the chart tells us diferent.  And when it does we’ll let you know.

Co announced a secondary offering of 7,394,727 shares of its common stock. All 7,394,727 shares are being offered by selling stockholders, which includes certain members of management of the Company and certain affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC. The Company will not receive any proceeds from the sale of shares in this offering. Upon completion of this offering, CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC will no longer own any shares of the Company’s common stock. Jefferies LLC is acting as the sole underwriter for the offering.

ISRG – May Need a Robot to Fix its Stock

This former darling of the medical device industry which makes surgical robots has a declining share price, which may be due to the fear of margin erosion with the upcoming uncertainties associated with Obama-care.  Media coverage of lawsuits against ISRG has also been scaring investors.


FFIV – Networker or Netweaker?

FFIV, this networking high flyer has been losing altitude recently.  FFIV has a PE of 24 competes with Cisco whose PE is 24 and EMC whose PE is 19 which are both big and tough competitors.